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Specializing in transformative marketing strategies, FlashWorks Marketing generates qualified sales opportunities to fuel your business growth. With the latest digital marketing channels and impactful content, we ensure industry-leading brand awareness and widespread web presence.

Backed by over two decades of experience, we’ve helped numerous training and tech companies in the corporate learning space succeed. Trust us to invest your time and money wisely for real results.

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Client Testimonials

“The year before we began working with Gordon, our revenue grew by 28% over the previous year. Working with Gordon helped us to accelerate that growth. Equally important, he has saved us time and money by generously sharing with us the many resources he has in the training industry – resources that we may never have found ourselves.” Nat Dunn | Webucator

Gordon L Johnson | Headshot | LMS Marketing Consultant
Ian Huckabee

Ian Huckabee

Principled Technologies

“Gordon has a comprehensive understanding of the training industry and created a highly customized marketing program for us that has transformed our business.”

Cam Tripp

Cam Tripp

Savvy Leadership

“Gordon was able to quickly assess our needs, positioning and guide me to the highest ROI marketing strategy and activities. Gordon is part of our secret sauce and has helped us punch above our weight.”

Tom Bronikowski

Tom Bronikowski

“Gordon is the strongest marketing person I’ve ever known. He has the ability to analyze complex solutions and break them into simple, easy to understand marketing messages and programs. The results of our programs have been amazing.”

Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson


“Gordon is a marketing wizard with incredible insight into how to create brand awareness, generate strategic business, and drive revenue. In addition to his irreplaceable experience in the learning, LMS, and HCM industry.”

Cevin Owens

Cevin Owens


“I have seen Gordon reinvigorate learning organizations (including my own) and achieve quantum growth and exposure through his marketing expertise.”

Calvin Choi

Calvin Choi


“Gordon is marketing. His ability to stay one step ahead of the general marketing trends helped Expertus stand out in the sea of LMS vendors.”


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